Volunteering: Offering your Time and Talent

The Shambhala School is infinitely enriched by the commitment of our families who offer time and talent to the school. Not only does volunteer activity reduce costs and fees and allow us to offer bursaries to some families, but this co-creation of the school community by parents exemplifies the kind of generous and warm society we want our children to be part of and is a way for parents to feel part of the community as well.

Volunteer Commitment

As a way to help us all be intentional about our contribution, and to help the school track the level of volunteerism it can count on, we ask each family to commit to a minimum of 30 hours of work each school year.  Purchases that are requested by the school can also count toward your family commitment. eg, if you are asked to buy $50 of snack food for a school trip, your financial outlay of $50 (if un-refunded) counts as 5 hours of work towards your 30 hour annual commitment. (each $15 donation of requested food or materials purchased = 1 hour of work). 

Donations to our Food Bank campaigns or other fundraisers are not counted towards the 30 hour commitment. 

**Please track you volunteer hours by clicking here to use this quick, easy form!**

Thank you for your time, talent and friendship to this school community.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Now that August has officially started, it’s time to think about how you’d like to get involved in the school community. Sharing your skills, or your time, adds tremendous value to the collective student experience, and provides you with the opportunity to get to know fellow parents, faculty, and students. 

Tell us how you would like to get involved

Here is a link to a quick survey to help match your skills/interests to our needs. Please follow the link and complete the form at your earliest convenience. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming volunteer opportunities

Read the Friday News to keep an eye on volunteer opportunities and watch your email for additional opportunities shared by Reception or your class parents to support outdoor education, field trips, classroom support and events. 

Fall Outdoor Education Trips

  • Wed, Sept 14th and Fri, Sept 16th – Drives for Middle School Outdoor Education Trip (within city)
  • Wed, Sept 21st and Fri, Sept 23rd – Drives and Food for Grade 11/12 Outdoor Education Trip
  • Tues, Sept 27th to Thurs, Sept 29th – Drives and Food for Grade 9-10 Outdoor Education Trips
  • Wed, Oct 19th to Fri, Oct 21st – Drives and Food for Grade 5 Outdoor Education Trip

Fall Events 

  • Thurs, Sept 8th – Shambhala School Family Breakfast 
  • Sat, Sept 24th – Elementary Fall festival

Ongoing Volunteer opportunities

  • Gardening
  • Building maintenance and improvements
  • Outdoor space improvements
  • Assist with after-school sports (contact Ms. Jenn)

Looking for Donations

  • Needs to be determined once school is back in session