About Our School

Shambhala school students learn from an early age to engage in their own learning process. The imaginative play and beauty of the Pre-Primary, Primary and their Elementary years evolves into an experience of meeting our wonderful and complex world with compassion and hope. This foundation leads to a rich academic high school experience that supports young adults in realizing their full potential as students, people and members of the community.

In addition to imparting knowledge, the school’s intention is to foster in children a sense of reverence and respect for life. The close relationships between students and teachers enhance learning and the ability to explore new interests and take on new challenges. Students are engaged in a learning experience both artistic and academically challenging.

Shambhala offers a learning method that strives to meet the physical, emotional, and intellectual dimensions of the developing child. Our School integrates artistic and physical activities throughout the curriculum, providing a balanced and well-rounded education.

If you have questions regarding the Shambhala School, please Contact Us or visit Why Shambhala.

Important Clarification About Our School

CBC recently aired a show discussing allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse that first came to light in 2018 in the Shambhala Buddhist community. In case there is any confusion between the name of our school, and the allegations discussed on the show, we want to clarify that  those allegations did not take place at our school, nor are any of our past or present teachers, staff or students associated with these allegations.  

While founded over 25 years ago by educators from the Shambhala Buddhist community, and a small number of our current and past employees are/were members of the Shambhala Buddhist community, the Shambhala School is a completely independent organization from Shambhala International, with our own governing Board of Directors, completely separate financial systems, and a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual misconduct.