Shambhala School parents are saying…


In teaching at university I had two students that stood out from the others  – they thought creatively, they were driven by curiosity, and were the only ones who seemed able to “think outside of the box”.  They were both graduates of the Shambhala School.  When my kids were ready for school, the Shambhala School was only natural.


– Dr. Tarah Wright, Shambhala School parent and university professor.

We “shopped” for the best school for our 6-year old daughter.  She said “I like this one the best; it feels so welcoming.”  We agreed.  She’s now 17.  We still agree, and we’ve discovered over the years that it’s so much more as well .


– Heather L.

…the small classes, personable and compassionate teachers, field trips, teaching approach, unique opportunities such as meditation, Aikido, arts, and fun clubs after school.”


– Parent – Grade 6

…whole learning, combining English and history for example. The openness, acceptance and mutual respect has been a quality missing from my daughter’s education so far. This has really opened the doors to real learning.”


– Parent – Grade 8

I especially like the continuity of a P-12 school. My son has been here for 8 years and the school has become like a second home for him, and the staff and faculty like an extension of family.”


– Parent – Grade 9

We moved to Halifax in 1998 from North Carolina. Our older boy was 7 and already hated school. We looked at all the public and private schools in Halifax and decided on the Shambhala school based on its small class size and the philosophy of making the learning a natural part of our son’s day. I used to smile when I asked him what he learned and every day he just smiled back and said they didn’t do any work, just played. From being a fight to get him to go to school, it got to be an equally difficult task to get him to stay home when he was sick. The teachers were wonderful and many times they told us things we didn’t know about our own children. They were helpful and attentive to his educational and all his other needs as well. He loved it and continued to love it until he graduated from grade 12 three years ago. He still misses it. Our younger son is currently a grade 10 student and he loves it just as much. He calls it his second family and he really feels like a part of a big family there.

Both boys have blossomed and it still amazes me how the school coaxes them and gives them the confidence to do things they (and I) would have thought impossible. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re considering giving your child the best start they can have, you won’t go wrong sending them to Shambhala.”


– Parent – Graduate / Grade 10

Having gone to the Shambhala School from age three until twelve I was very much shaped by my experience there. Especially for children in their formative years, I think it is important to be in a nurturing environment where you are able to not only learn lessons, but be able to work with your hands, body and mind, the Shambhala School very much provided this me and my classmates. The teachers allowed children to express themselves without judgement, taught us to care about the world and others in a genuine way and treated us very much like human beings. I am forever grateful.”


– Julia M

In 1993 I went to a play that the Shambhala School performed. It was magical, playful and inspiring. I knew I wanted to be a part of this vibrant school. I was 12 years old and began attending only a few weeks later. After 6 years,I graduated from the school, and felt nurtured, adventurous and prepared for the complex world that awaited my contributions. Now my son is finishing primary at the school and I feel deep gratitude for a place of creativity, learning and leadership in his life and in mine.
– Marguerite D

I have great trust in and love for the Shambhala School. The SS has a deep understanding that true intellectual development is multifaceted, requiring a stimulating engagement of spacial and body awareness, rhythm and voice, and the creative process in order to fully develop the neuro-networks in the brain which are the foundation of academic progress. It is a school of great skill and great heart, caring personally for my child while providing a disciplined path of academic and personal success. This path greatly reduces the significant stress that so many children experience in school these days. Whole child education means healthy child education and this is the absolute best way to assist children in becoming confident, high functioning, successful and happy adults. The Shambhala School truly delivers this to my daughter and all of the children at the school.”


– Christy B

Having our son attend Shambhala School has opened our eyes to the difference between a typical “private school” and a school that embraces the artistic, creative and holistic approach to a child’s education.  The school teaches tolerance, exposure to different cultures, and teaches our kids the skills they need to become meaningful members of society.”


– J and D M