International Students

International Students Admissions Procedure and Fees

AdMissions ProcedURE

Initial Inquiry

If you are interested in our International Student Program the first step is to start the conversation by filling out an Admissions Inquiry Form. Our Admissions team will follow up with you.


Once you’ve decided you want to apply to the Shambhala School the next step in the Admissions Procedure is to submit a completed Application Form, accompanied with the Application Fee, transcripts of marks,  Teacher Recommendations and proof of English Language Proficiency.

English Language Proficiency

At the time of application proof of English Language Proficiency is required (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, KET, PET, etc.). If an English proficiency test is needed, then we can direct applicants to the Halifax Language Institute who will arrange an on-line assessment through Oxford English Testing.  International students who require additional assistance with their English language proficiency pay additional fees to the annual tuition.


Meeting and Assessment

After having received all application documents a virtual meeting with the family and the teachers will be arranged to assess a good academic and social fit with the student and the school. After the meeting the teachers will make a recommendation as to acceptance.


A conditional Letter of Acceptance will be issued within one week of  the teacher’s decision. This letter is often conditional upon the student’s ability to obtain the required study permit and travel documentation.

The Application Fee

The Application Fee is $125.

Tuition and Schedule of Payments

International Tuition 2024/2025

The International tuition for a full ten-month school year at the Shambhala School in from September 2024 to June 2025 is $19,200.

Commencement Fee

Each family that attends the Shambhala School pays a non-refundable Commencement Fee of $1,000 in their first year of enrollment.

Facilities Renewal Fee

Each family that attends the Shambhala School pays an annual Facilities Renewal Fee of $500. These fees go towards supporting maintenance and repairs and capital improvements on our historic building. 

Schedule of Payments

The payment of International tuition is normally paid up front by June 30th, but timing may be dependent upon when the student’s study permit and travel documentation is approved. Upon request alternate payment arrangements might be possible.

English as an Additional Language Fees

International students who require additional assistance with their English language proficiency pay an EAL Fee in addition to the annual tuition.

  • The fee is $3,000/year for students at Level 4 and above and the associated supports consists of 2 to 3 group sessions a week.
  • The fee is $9,000/year (or $3,000/term) for students with lower level English proficiency, such that we can provide daily individual support and additional classroom support until they reach Level 4 proficiency.

Home Stay

Unless the student will be living with their parent in Halifax, they are required to live with a local family. We do not arrange homestay for International Students. These arrangements will need to be made by the family or their agent. For families without an agent or contacts in Halifax, we suggest that you try connecting with the Canada Homestay Network.

If you have any questions, please fill out the Admissions Inquiry Form to obtain further information.