Enriching Curriculum 

The elementary curriculum is inspired by the Waldorf, Enki and Shambhala traditions. It is a nonsectarian, contemplative education informed by modern educational, psychology and mindfulness research. The curriculum integrates the skill-mastery techniques of traditional western education, independent project learning, integrated thematic projects, and the multicultural emphasis of the United Nations School. When woven together they nurture the child’s individual growth while introducing them to the wealth of their human heritage.

Developmentally Appropriate

At each developmental stage children experience the world in a new way. When this physical and mental development is mirrored in the stories and experiences of the curriculum children see their own experience as part of the bigger world, part of the human journey. This self-awareness makes it possible for them to meet the challenges they encounter and to master learning to its fullest. In this way, a direct relationship to the world is encouraged, allowing each child’s innate wisdom and confidence to shine.

World’s Cultural Traditions

At the heart of the school’s approach is the Shambhala view that fundamental human decency and dignity, courage and compassion are inherent in all people. We believe the children are best nurtured when they see their own strengths and struggles reflected in diverse cultures that reflect human greatness in many nationalities, races and religions. At every grade level, students are immersed in stories, songs, drama and games from around the world. These hands-on activities give them a genuine experience and appreciation for the many cultures and traditions in our world.

Rhythms and cycles

Rhythms and cycles are a constant part of nature and human life. The classroom routine works in harmony with daily, monthly and seasonal rhythms. Displays, stories, songs, paintings and activities such as gardening, building, candle dipping and cooking enrich the experience of the seasons. As well, festivals provide an opportunity for parents, friends and the larger community to join in celebrating the students’ work.


2024/2025 ENROLLMENT


Please submit an Admissions Inquiry Form, and we will get back to you to answer your questions and book a meeting or tour.


Upon deciding that you would like to secure a spot for your child in our Elementary School we invite you to make your formal application, submit other required documents and pay your application fee. Read about these steps and find additional relevant information to this stage of your decision making at application process and tuition and other fees.


We do provide a Before and After School Program, however space is limited. We encourage families to register for Before and After School Programs when they register their student for the school year (within 14 days of acceptance).  Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Deadline for enrollment in our Before and After School Program is August 1.