pre-primary, preschoolWe always remember our first school experience. Pre-Primary Head teacher, Leah Noonan, who has more than 35 years experience says, “Enriching the lives of young children is heart work. Truly, we teach each other, and every day presents new possibilities.”

The first thing that you might notice about Pre-Primary at Shambhala School is the classroom. Imagine a place free from clutter, filled with natural light and beautiful materials for children to explore. This is a place where aesthetic development is valued and the choices in the environment nurture young souls.

The daily routine is constant and works in harmony with seasonal rhythms. Stories, songs and verses and activities enrich the experience of the seasons.

Circle time is a focal point of the morning when children are encouraged to participate in a rich language experience. It is followed by story time, the magical moment when the teacher sits in a rocking chair, lights a candle and tells a folk tale from memory. This window into other worlds not only develops language and imagination but also fosters the understanding that wisdom is common to all peoples and cultures.

Teachers honour children’s ideas and personalities. Children are given choices within firm, but friendly boundaries. Boundaries help children feel secure and when they feel safe, they are available for learning.


Children learn to identify feelings. They discover that it is normal and healthy to have negative feelings and begin to learn how to manage them.

Young children naturally see the world with a scientist’s eye: observation, questioning, experimenting and hypothesizing occur organically though the investigation and manipulation of materials. Curiosity is nurtured through thoughtful experiments and daily exploration in nature.

Early foundations of mathematics are successfully introduced at this age by building on children’s everyday activities. They are a natural component of play, whether it’s sequencing of beads or estimating how many steps to get around the playground.

At Shambhala School, outdoor play is an essential part of every child’s day. The core of open air play is expansive movement, challenging their gross motor skills. Outdoor play allows the children to participate and experience the seasons and all the gifts that they have to offer.


2018-2019 Enrollment 

Learn more about our Pre-Primary Program

We encourage interested families to review the below documents to learn more about our curriculum and our admissions procedures and fees. For additional information or to book a tour please contact Ms. Leah Noonan, Head Teacher of our Pre-Primary Program, at

Pre-Primary Curriculum 2018

Pre-Primary Admissions Procedures and Fees 2018-19 updated

SubmIT your Application 

Upon deciding that you would like to secure a spot for your child in our Pre-Primary Program for September 2018 we invite you to make your formal application. Please complete the below application form and student recommendation form and submit paper copies to the school to the attention of Ms. Leah Noonan, or submit electronic copies to In order to process these forms we require a $100 non-refundable application fee, details of how this payment can be made are in the Admissions Procedures and Fees document. We are already actively reviewing applications for 2018-2019 and encourage interested families to initiate this process as soon as possible. 

Pre-Primary Application 2018-19

Pre-Primary Student Recommendation Form 2018-19

We offer a 7% discount for full payment by April 30th, and a 5% discount for full payment by May 30th.

Register for Before ANd AfTER SCHOOL PRogram

For 2018/2019 Pre-Primary students are offered a 50% discount on the annual fees for our Before and After School Programs. If Pre-Primary students use the services on an occasional basis, the regular drop-in charge will apply. Please refer to the separate fee schedule. We have limited space available in our program and spaces will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  At present we have 17 students registered and encourage families to register for Before and After School Programs by August 27, 2018.