International Students

International Student Program

The Shambhala School is a premier environment for international students to develop their language skills within the cultural richness of the Maritimes. The rich experience-based learning, small classrooms, outdoor experiences, the leadership and sustainability curriculum, the personal empowerment of the arts are all part of what we call transformative learning.   

A Shambhala School education goes beyond a high-quality academic program. It is hands-on training in the new emerging economies of sustainable energy and environmental stewardship. Leadership training is a contemplative practice of developing confidence and emotional resilience. The techniques used are mindfulness practices, group training, modern teaching in psychology and sociology, and retreats at various rural facilities like Blue Forest Wilderness Area and Nova Scotia’s beautiful outdoor wilderness at Kejimikujik National Park.

The Shambhala School and the International Language Institute (ILI) have a joint program where high school students can enroll at ILI for an ESL program to achieve english language standing, and then move on to the Shambhala School to practice and deepen that language in a rich cultural context.

A Shambhala School education is based on the premise that all cultures and races share an unconditional basic goodness at their heart. The school is a model for bringing the diversity of the world under one roof and creating a miniature society where strengths and differences are celebrated as enriching the whole. This is the place where the values of all the world’s wisdom traditions can flourish in a contemporary and relevant curriculum training a genuine and heartfelt new generation of leaders.

International Student Testimonials

“Attending the Shambhala School was a wonderful opportunity for me to study abroad in a unique and inviting school environment with a diverse curriculum”   – Lia Duggan, Ireland

“There is not a week where I don’t wish to go back in time to redo the year at the Shambala School. Unfortunately I can’t. So many nice people I met and so many things I learned it would be a huge loss to not have done it.” – Henry Schlage, Germany

“Shambhala School is a place where talents are cultivated and brilliant initiatives are encouraged. Our family have Shambhala School always in our hearts. Matteo has not yet passed the sadness of leaving that school.  With its’ educational system, its professional but friendly teachers and most of all its atmosphere where students love to learn.  Our son Marco, now in a university in London, always remembers his time in Shambhala with
great pleasure.” – Pino Ciambella (father of Matteo and Marco), Italy

“Starting a new school is intimidating enough, let alone starting a new school in a new country. I attended my last year of high school at the Shambhala School. It wasn’t long into my first day there that I realized it was more than a school, it’s a family. I was welcomed with open arms and made life long friends. I look back on all my memories from my year there fondly.” – Aja Royle, Tortolla


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