Meet Our Team

Leadership and Administration

Carolyn Mandelker

Executive Director

Michelle Munro

Associate Director of Community Enrichment

Susan Marsh



Maggie MacNevin

Pre-Primary Director, Teacher

Nicole Worobec

Pre-Primary Teacher

Jordan West

Pre-Primary Teacher

Elementary School

Susan Williams

Academic Director Elementary School

Monica Peters

Primary Head Teacher

Amanda Smith

Primary Teacher

Madison Emily Peters

Grade 1/2

Margot Louise

Head of Admissions, Primary to Grade 12, Grade 3 Teacher

Judith Morris

Grade 4

Hollis San Cartier

Grade 5

Jason Campbell

Middle School and High School (Upper School)

Mindy Moore

Academic Director Upper School, Art 11/12; Ceramics 11/12; Theatre Tech 9-12

Noel McLellan

Dean of Mindfulness and Contemplative Education
English 8 and 11; History 8, 10, 12; Comparative Religions 12; Health 8

Jacob Fletcher

Associate Director Upper School, Biology 11/12; Science 8 & 10; Math 8; Science Fair 9/10; Philosophy 11/12; Drama 9-12 ,Guidance Counselor

Mike LeDuc

Homeroom Grade 6/7, English, History and Study Skills Grade 6/7
Outdoor Programs Coordinator

Wesley Pitts

Math 6/7, Science 6/7, Science 9, Math 9; Physics 11/12; EAL, GSA Advisor

Jason McNaught

English 6/7, English 10, 12; History 9, Canandian History 11; Health 9 Lego Robotics Assistant Coach

Joyce Wright

Coming Soon

Miro Davis

Art 6, 7, 8, 9, 10; Theatre Tech 9-12

Elementary School, Middle School and High School

Jason Campbell

Music, Grade 4/5, Music Performance Grades 5-12

Hilary St. Pierre


Jennifer Durette

Physical Edcucation