Imagine a world where your child is excited to go to school in the morning. She bounds up the front steps and an older student smiles, greets her by name and holds the door for her. When she enters the classroom, her teacher pauses, looks her in the eye, checks in and says good morning. Her classroom is a delight to the senses and you wonder why every classroom doesn’t look like this. You experience the light in your child that comes from the assurance that they have everything they need.

This confidence arises from a culture of kindness, compassion and awareness. The faculty embodies and models these noble qualities of leadership and uses the language of bravery, compassion and wisdom in their daily journey of discovery.

Shambhala School was founded in 1993 by teachers and parents to inspire genuine delight in learning and to guide students to their full potential through the development of intellect, intuition, humanity and self-confidence.

With approximately 155 students, Shambhala School offers an enriched curriculum in Grades Pre-Primary through 12. As the school continues on a path of steady growth, it does not waiver from the commitment to small, intimate classes that allow for significant one-on-one interaction between student and teacher. By keeping class sizes small, the school provides a safe and friendly environment where students and their families form an integral part of a community.