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Young children are very open and receptive to the world around them. Imaginative play and imitation are the gifts of the Primary (Kindergarten) child as they seek to emulate the world around them, and learn by bringing everything into their play. The Primary curriculum utilizes these gifts of imagination and imitation. Our week is filled with movement, song, story, painting, beeswax modelling, play both in and outside, as we explore and question the world around us.

primary, senior kindergarten, waldorf-inspired, circleThe Language arts curriculum consists of nature stories, fairy tales, and folk tales from around the world. Stories are first told by heart to cultivate the child’s own imaginative faculties, and then puppet or people plays are introduced. A love of language is instilled into the children as they too learn to be storytellers. Our day is filled with song as we sing through transitions, and learn seasonal songs that also incorporate mathematical and scientific concepts. Another gift of this age is an insatiable curiosity as children continue to learn and discover the world around them. In the mathematics and science curriculum the teacher utilizes and fosters this curiosity and wonder.primary school senior kindergarten nature outside play

The students learn nature stories, the cyclical nature of the seasons and interdependence of life. Outside time is important each day, where children question and interact with insects, the natural world, the weather, gravity and other scientific laws learning through direct experience.

Children learn how to live in community with one another through Creative Play. Social learning is very important at this age as children learn how to share, communicate, and work with one another, to find confidence in themselves and compassion for others. The Primary teacher models to the children ways of communicating, interacting, and solving conflicts. Creative play is also a place where children follow their own creativity and imagination, practice problem solving, planning, and lay their foundation for critical thinking.

All of the above creates a learning environment that is embracing and engaging. Children are also introduced to two new subjects: French and Gym class. Three seasonal festivals give families a chance to join in the school community and celebrate their child’s work. Teacher to student ratio is carefully considered to ensure that the young child will have a warm and personal relationship with the teacher and classmates in a safe and caring environment.

2021/2022 ENROLLMENT

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We encourage interested families to learn more about our Primary program. Please contact Ms. Margot Louise, Head of Admissions, at with your questions and request for a tour.  


Upon deciding that you would like to secure a spot for your child in our Primary Program we invite you to make your formal application. Please complete the below application form and student recommendation form and submit paper copies along with the $125 non-refundable application fee to the school to the attention of our Head of Admissions, Ms. Margot Louise at

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Please refer to the separate fee schedule for our Before and After School program. Deadline for enrollment in our Before and After School Program is August 1st, 2021, although we welcome enrollment upon registration for our Primary Program.